Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Newport Beach Harbor – Friday, Oct. 8, 2010

On the way over to Newport Beach we made water and charged the batteries. The boat was ready to sit for a few days. Jim and Connie from Sound Effect helped us get on the mooring ball. It was a lot of work. Once we got on the mooring ball, we discovered we didn’t have any water. Rick had left a switch on that pumped all the water in the tank overboard. We had to wait until morning to go to the fuel dock and put water in the tank, then attempt to get back on the mooring ball, by ourselves. I’m sure the other boats around got a kick out of watching us!

They even have gondolas here.
 This harbor is so big and there are expensive houses and boats everywhere. We toured the entire harbor looking for a place to tie the dinghy, but there aren’t many places. We finally found a restaurant that had ‘dock n dine’ called’ 3Thirty3’. We had a great lunch and the owner had to let us back onto the dock. We told him how much we liked the place and he appreciated that. Later that night we were looking for someplace to have a cocktail that was close to the boat and went back to the 3Thirty3. We also had a great pizza. When we were ready to leave the owner asked us if we wanted dessert, he would have it made. We said sure and after a half hour he came back with 2 big bags of Bananas Foster and Strawberry shortcake to go. They were both awesome. If you are ever in Newport Beach, check out this place.

Hotel California on the mooring balls

Gizmo on the boom
We spent the week-end here and had great weather. Gizmo has found a new place to watch the sunset from. Monday we plan to take off for Dana Point.

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