Friday, October 8, 2010

Mooring Balls in Catalina

I’m not sure about these moorings. You grab a stick attached to the front ball and line, tie that to your bow. Then follow the line back to the back anchor and tie this line to your stern. This way, boats don’t swing and they can put more boats in the anchorage.  We were on ball 59 when we first arrived, but had to move to 58 because the owner of 59 was due in. We changed balls, they showed up and everything was fine for a couple of days. When we returned to the boat on Sunday afternoon, the people on the powerboat next to us said our boats were touching. The anchor on our back rail was hitting their boat. He had called the harbor patrol who retied their boat and we both put out fenders. We were still close but not touching. During the night we were rubbing fenders. Since they were leaving in the morning we didn’t worry about it. These balls seem to move around. Some of them are only a few feet apart. When the anchorage gets full, a lot of boats end up touching.
Hotel California close to the powerboat we rubbed against all night
Mooring Balls

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