Wednesday, September 23, 2015

We Are Back On Board!

After almost a year in the States, we are back home on the boat in La Paz!
I plan to update this blog as often as possible, we will see.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Oct 1 – Nov 15, 2013 More Sea of Cortez

We celebrated Gravels birthday on Nirvana and at the Yacht Club.
Nat and the birthday boy, Gravel
Bob and Sherri of Nirvana

Judy and Michael
Pam and Rick
Sooo True!
Another birthday party for Gravel at the Yacht Club

It was a long dinghy ride from Coronados over to a restaurant called El Picazon on the Peninsula. Great restaurant, we went back again. 
El Picazon from the dinghy ride
The Gang at El Picazon

Pam and Rick heading for the dinghy

Oct 1 – Nov 15, 2013 Sea of Cortez

Once again, we are sailing north into the sea. We plan to spend the next month and a half in the Loreto area.


Every once in a while we get rained on. 
But most of the time it is sunshine and beautiful water. 
Pam on the Kayak
We spent a lot of time in Coronados having beach parties. 
Beach Bocci Ball

Sept 11 – Oct 1, 2013 La Paz

Back in La Paz for a few weeks getting the boat ready to go up into the sea. Sept 15 is one of Mexico’s Independence days, so it was a big celebration.

The music in the restaurant

Fireworks in the Square over our heads
Of course we had to have Sushi a few times.

 We also got some sewing projects done, new covers for the fenders and the roof bag.
Marina de La Paz

More Sewing Projects

August 29 – Sept 10, 2013 Home

On the way home, we stopped in Sacramento to meet our newest grandson. Lincoln Elijah Salizar, he was 2 hours old! Congratulations Rachel and Noah.

Grandpa Rick with Lincoln
Noah, Rachel and newborn Lincoln

For the next couple of weeks we spent most of our time watching the grandkids in their sporting events, all the things we don’t get to see because we are gone.

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the boat. Off to La Paz, Mexico.

August 15 – 29, 2013 Road Trip, Cont...

We spent 2 nights at the Grand Pacific Hotel, across the bay from the Empress Hotel. We played tourists for a couple of days in this beautiful city.
The Grand Pacific Hotel where we stayed

The view from the hotel
The Empress Hotel

It was another ferry from Victoria Island back to Anacortes. On the way we stopped by Friday Harbor. 

Friday Harbor
Once in Anacortes, we drove right up the hill to Patrick and Laura’s to spend another late night. 

Laura and Rudy

On the way south, we stopped at Ana and Rauno’s for a couple more nights. More wine tasting and then a turkey dinner with some friends. What a great time! The next day we drove the rest of the way home.
Wine Tasting with Rauno, Ana, Rick and Pam

Saturday, February 1, 2014

August 15 – 29, 2013 Road Trip

After a month at home we left on a road trip north to Canada. Our first stop was at Ana and Rauno’s place in Oregan. We did a little wine tasting and enjoyed relaxing by the river in their backyard.
Ana, Rauno and Rick in the backyard by the river
Then we were off to Seattle to see the Space Needle, Pikes Place and the Space Museum.
The Space Needle

Pikes Place Market

The Market
Rick having lunch on the Pier

Space Museum
From Seattle we drove north to Anacortes to visit with Patrick, Laura and Jack. We stayed with them and went sightseeing and played games. It was fun catching up.

Pam, Jack and Laura

Jack overlooking Anacortes
Rick and Patrick installing a door to the house
From Anacortes we went into Canada to Vancouver to visit Valerie for a few days. We walked around the city and ate and shopped.
Rick, Val and Pam

Next we took a ferry over to Victoria Island and saw Orcas on the way. 

Parking on the Ferry
Orcas from the ferry
Pam Relaxing on the ferry

Rick wishing he was sailing here.

Passing a ferry

July 11 – August 14, 2013 Home

Two months off the boat. We flew from Cabo San Jose to San Jose California, Jamie picked us up and we rushed off to start seeing parents, kids and grandkids. We had a family gathering, visited all the grandkids and spent time with our parents. We even had a little time to visit we some friends. 
Michael, Judy, Dave having lunch with us on the river in Sacramento

Bailey with Grandma

Debbie and Bob at a summer concert in the park.
Pam and Rick at the concert
Some of the Grandkids, Landon, Jaden, Maddi and Carson

Rick and Rachel at one of the family get togethers
Kellie and Mom, beautiful ladies