Tuesday, May 28, 2013

April 24-28, 2013 Agua Verde

We had a great sail to Agua Verde. It was 52 miles and took about 8 hours. There were hundreds of dolphins around the boat and I tried to get pictures and movies. We arrived in the southern anchorage about 5:30. The next day the wind was supposed to come from the north, so we moved to the northern anchorage. 

I used my kayak for the first time. It was a little hard to get in and situated because I didn’t want to fall in. The water isn’t warm enough for me yet. Once I got going, it was great. Bob from ‘Nirvana’ let me try out their stand up paddle board. I liked it, but I was afraid I’d lose my balance and fall in, so I’ll stick with the kayak.
Trying out my new kayak

Pam on the SUP
The next day, a group of us walked a couple miles to the cave paintings. I actually made it up the hill to the cave this time.
Agua Verde Anchorage

Pam at the top of the climb to the Cave Paintings

Rick at the Cave Paintings

Our last day at Agua Verde, we had another sundowner party on the beach. I think the group is getting bigger.
Cocktails on the beach

Hotel California
The moon rising over the anchorage


  1. Sure is beautiful. Glad you are enjoying yourselves!

  2. Thanks for posting Carla, at least I know someone is looking at it. Ha Ha