Friday, April 27, 2012

Tim Visits La Paz – April 13 – 18, 2012

Rick with the Policewomen that Gave Him the Ticket

Rick’s long time friend, Tim came to us visit in La Paz. I had always heard that when Rick and Tim get together it is trouble.  As soon as Tim showed up, Rick got pulled over by the police and had to pay a bribe. It was his fault, he was talking on the cell phone and didn’t have his license with him. The policewoman didn’t speak English and we don’t know much Spanish. She asked his name. He volunteered to go to the boat, get his license and return. She just shook her finger at him and said “No, No, No Ricky”.  I don’t think she trusted him to return??? She found someone to translate for her and Rick ended up paying a 200 peso fine. (About $18. US). I’m wondering what other trouble they will get into? Tim played Bocci Ball at Bay Fest and did better than Rick and I. We went out to Costa Baja for cocktails and to see how the rich people live.
Rick, Pam and Tim at Costa Baja

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