Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Trips back to the States – Oct. 24 – Nov. 28, 2011

It has been awhile, but I am catching up on the blog. This month has been spent flying back and forth to the Bay Area. I left Oct 26 to attend my Dad’s memorial service. It was a sad occasion, but we celebrated his life with many family members and friends. I’ll miss you Dad.

Dean, Sherry, Mom, Dale, Pam and Aunt Mary

Me with my Daughters, Jamie and Jennie

And the Granddaughters, Maddi, Carson, Grace and Bailey

I stayed another week to spend time with my Mom and Aunts and also visit family. All my granddaughters dressed up for Halloween and Jamie wore a cat costume that my Mom had made for herself many years ago. They all looked so cute!

Kodi and Brett

Policewoman Maddi

Fairy Carson

Cowgirl Bailey

Cat Jamie and My Mom

Back in La Paz, Rick has been doing boat projects and visiting with friends. I returned on Saturday Nov 5, the same day my sister, brother and sister-in-laws flew into Cabo. Rick and I rented a car to drive to Cabo to see them for a few days. As we backed out of the marina to start the trip, we crashed into a truck and smashed the rental car.

Not a good start to the trip. But after arriving in Cabo we had a good time in the party town.
Pam, Sherry, Kellie, Helen and Dale in Cabo

Kellie at the Pueblo Bonito Resort

Helen and Dale at Tanga Tanga

Sherry and Kellie

By the middle of Nov. Rick’s Dad needed help around the house and getting to the doctors, so Rick flew home about the 17th. He spent time helping his parents and had Thanksgiving with them. Gizmo and I stayed on the boat and spent time with friends. After one cancelled flight, Kevin took Rick to Fresno in the fog and he made it back to La Paz Nov. 28. It has been a busy month and we are looking forward to some quiet time.

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