Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Michael and Patty Visit La Paz – Jan. 6-11, 2011

Michael and Patty
The cruising life is fun and we love sharing it with friends from home. Michael and Patty came to La Paz for a short 5 day visit. After a full day of traveling on the plane and bus we met them at the bus station, walked them to the boat to drop off the luggage, then straight to Rancho Viejo for our favorite Arrachera tacos. I think they like them as much as we do.

The next day, we walked all over town and ended up at Steve and Ana’s for great fish taco. Steve and Ana surprised us with a bottle of ‘Hotel California’ Tequila that they brought back from Todo Santos.  It will have a special place on the boat. What a great evening, the guys even did the dishes!

At Casa Ana

'Hotel California' Tequila
Friday we took the boat out into the bay to Balandra to do some snorkeling. The water was a little rough, but we really wanted to get in and try out Michael and Patty’s new snorkeling gear. We didn’t stay in long but it was fun. Balandra Bay is famous for it's Mushroom shaped rock. There is even a statue of it in downtown La Paz. Can you see it in the picture?
Balandra with the Mushroom Rock

Pam, Patty and Michael trying to snorkel



The Mexican Navy randomly boards vessels coming into La Paz. I guess it was our turn. On the way from Balandra to Costa Baja we were stopped, boarded and asked for our papers. Rick seemed a little nervous, he was probably worried their boat would slam into the side of ours. No problem, it only took about 5 minutes.
Being Boarded be the Mexican Navy

No Problem

Michael and Patty stayed the last few nights of their vacation at my favorite resort, Costa Baja. Steve and Ana, John and Oralia, and Neal and Lisa all hung out with us at the infinity pool for the afternoon, drinking and snacking. We also practiced snorkeling in the pool. I love this place.

Patty and Lisa

Michael and Patty, I think they like it here.

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great visit. I think you sold another set of would be cruisers. The blog is great I am enjoying reading it. You two have been everywhere! Glad to hear you got your package!