Monday, December 6, 2010

In and Around La Paz

Ana and Steve
We’ve been hanging out in La Paz. We’ve met a lot of great people and found a lot of great restaurants. Steve and Ana from Marina Village arrived Dec . 1 and we found them at their house, “Casa Ana”. The next day they took us and another friend, Crit, to the stores in their car. It was a long way out and I’m glad we didn’t have to walk!
Courtyard at Casa Ana

The pool out to the beach
Dec. 3, we left Marina de La Paz for a week-end stay at Marina Costa Baja, my resort time! Yeah! Infinity pool, hot tub, spa. Living like the rich! I’m really enjoying the pool. The water is a bit cold, but after laying in the sun, it feels wonderful. We went out with Ron and Bette of ‘Wisp’ for cocktails and Jazz music at one of the bars. Spent too much, drank too much, but had a great time! The next day we took the shuttle back into town to Marina de La Paz to attend the Subasta.(An auction for the kids in La Paz).
Costa Baja on the way in.

Lounge chairs in the pool

Hotel California in the Marina

Pam, Ana and Crit at the Subasta


  1. Yeah - looks like you are having a great time in La Paz! Steve and Ana look marvelous!

  2. Wow.Costa Baja is beautiful no wonder you like it Pam. Great that Rick may have won his first race. Than is amazing. Pictures are great. Hope to see you guys soon.